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Our History

MkMx Interactive Designs, Inc. is a Long Island, New York corporation that was founded in May 2005.   The company was originally launched by two creative partners;  Michael Perrone (the 'MK' abbreviation for 'Mike') and Max Xiantu (the 'MX' the abbreviation for 'Max') as a website and graphic design company for corporate clients.  The company quickly took off and had several  website, logo design and other print media projects under its belt within a few months of inception.  


In 2006, Max Xiantu left the company in order to pursue traveling and his love of graphic art/illustration specifically for graphic novels.  (His online comic strip can be viewed here:  http://superfunfactyay.com/ )   Max continues to do work for MkMx to this day whenever needed.


In November 2006, soon after Max’s departure, the name of the corporation was changed to d.b.a.  MkMx Computer Solutions in order to bring Network Consulting, Sales and Services into the company wheelhouse.  MkMx also became authorized resellers and partners with;  Hp, DELL, Sonic Wall, Cisco, Microsoft, APC, Eaton, AVG, McAfee, Symantec and a host of other strategic partners.   A strong team of graphic designers, expert technicians and sales professionals was assembled over the years and the MkMx client base has continually expanded with echoes of success stories.


Today, MkMx Computer Solutions is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is committed to delivering quality IT Sales, Services & Solutions to an ever increasing client roster of Small Businesses and Fortune 500/1000 clients in the tri-state area and across the nation.