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Tech Support Services

We offer affordable ONSITE and REMOTE Technical Support Services ranging from "Re-active" incident-based troubleshooting of small business computer issues to "Pro-active" Fixed-Cost Managed Services Programs. As well as, Corporate IT consulting, project planning/roll-outs and complete network installations for businesses and corporations.


Our computer techs are among the the most knowledgeable professionals in the tech support field with decades of real hands-on experience.


Whether your issue is a minor break/fix type incident or an emergency network down outage, we've got you covered at a price you can afford!  

• Spam, Virus, Spyware Control/Removal

• Network Security Assessments

• Firewall Installations and Configuration

• Backups & Distaster Recovery

• Router Configurations

• Cable Installations

• Power/Cooling Assessments & Installations

• General Troubleshooting

• Network LAN Installations

• Wireless Networking

• Software Installs, Upgrades & Roll-Outs

• Software and Platform Migrations

• Service Pack/Service Patch Maintenance

• Printer Repair & Maintenance

Which Technology Strategy is right for you?



1.  You detect an IT issue.

2.  You contact your IT solution provider.

3. Once you reach your IT solution  provider, you describe the issue as you understand it.

4. If the issue cannot be resolved via email or phone, or customer iniated remote session, your IT solution provider will need to travel to your location.

5. Once at your location, the issue is properly diagnosed.

6.  The issue is resolved. And you pay for the time spent (p/hr) resolving it.

1.  Our Remote Monitoring & Management Agent (RMM) is loaded onto your network and continually watches the health of your network and IT assets 24/7.

2.  The RMM agent alerts us to a potential issue or that an issue is about to occur or  that one has just occured.

3.  A centralized dashboard allows for remote diagnosis and remediation of the issue by the appropriate technician at our Network Operations Center.  Critical Server issues are handled 24/7.  

4.  You have one low "fixed cost" bill p/mos and are not charged separately for this issue.

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